The Hampton Roads Region

The Hampton Roads Region

Hampton Roads’ strategic, mid-Atlantic location and superior transportation network provide swift access to world and domestic markets. Over two-thirds of the nation’s population and marketplace are within 750 miles.

Hampton Roads’ population is 1.6 million – the fifth largest metro area in the Southeast and the second largest between Washington and Atlanta. The labor force surpasses 800,000 with unemployment averages between 4 and 5 percent. It comprises more than 15,000 highly-skilled, existing military annually, 40,000 military spouses and 86,000 university and community college students.

Greater than 95 percent of the shipping lines call on the Port of Hampton Roads linking Virginia and the U.S. to 250 ports worldwide. Superior telecom infrastructure includes 11 independent networks supported by 650,000 miles of fiber optics.

Convenient commercial air service from two international airports offers more than 260 flights per day including direct non-stops to 25 airports of which 17 are major hubs and international gateways.

Hampton Roads is rich with cultural treasures, reflecting the artistic diversity of its communities. Throughout the year, festivals celebrate the heritage of the region. History, music, drama and art are abundant in the theaters and museums of Hampton Roads.

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