University Research Centers

University Research Centers

Frank Reidy Center for Bioelectrics Research

The Center for Bioelectrics (CBE) was established in 2002 by Dr. Karl Schoenbach as the first research center in bioelectrics in the world. The CBE is an interdisciplinary center at Old Dominion University and is one of only two centers, which report directly to the Vice President for Research. The mission of the Center is to increase scientific knowledge and understanding of how intense, pulsed electromagnetic fields and cold ionized gases interact with biological systems and to apply this knowledge to the development of medical diagnostics and therapeutics as well as environmental decontamination. Our researchers strive to engage in scholarly research at the forefront of biomedical engineering.

Center for Brain Rehabilitation and Research

The School of Physical Therapy is opened a 3,800 square foot research facility in IRP with a large gait/movement assessment area, a room for virtual reality and rehabilitation studies, a multipurpose room for neurologic testing, and office space for faculty and graduate students. A primary research focus relates to neuromechanical basis of human movement under healthy and pathological conditions, with more clinically oriented studies on methods to improve gait and function in people with neurologic impairments. This research laboratory is designed for multidisciplinary use by faculty and graduate students in Physical Therapy, Human Movement Sciences, and Electrical and Computer Engineering. Collaboration among disciplines and with the Virginia Modeling and Simulation Center (VMASC) allows us to participate in exciting research projects exploring new technology in rehabilitation.

National Center for Systems of Systems Engineering

National Centers for Systems of Systems Engineering (NCSOSE) is a university research center established to draw together academia, government, and industrial organizations to resolve problems, develop technologies, and direct research concerning major issues in the design, analysis, and integration of complex systems of systems. NCSOSE supports the development of practical solutions and directs applied research that addresses contemporary system of systems engineering problems; provides high-quality information resources for those who make decisions, influence policy, and are charged with integration of complex systems of systems; and provides training and education in systems of systems engineering.

Center for Coastal and Physical Oceanography

Established in 1991, the Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography (CCPO) promotes research on the physical oceanography of the coastal ocean and related oceanographic processes. The Center provides office and laboratory facilities for 10 full-time faculty and their complement of research associates, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and support staff. Center oceanographic observing systems include: CTDs, current meters, and ADCPs.

ODU Vision Lab

The focus of the Computational Intelligence and Machine Vision Laboratory is to develop new algorithms and architectures for real-time applications in the areas of signal processing, image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, artificial neural networks and bio-mimetic object-vision recognition.

ODU Office of Research

The Office of Research is dedicated to fostering the creation of intellectual capital that can address today’s issues, improve the quality of life, and provide an engine for economic growth by facilitating R&D across six colleges and its many research centers. The Office establishes and oversees the university’s legal, ethical and safety standards and regulations relating to research.

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